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Jason King
NameJason King Roxas
BandThe Jason King Band
LocationReno, Nevada

DestroyerMajestic Overdrive

Quote"The custom Majestic is a great-sounding overdrive that allows the amplifier's tonal characteristics to come through."

Led by Jason King Roxas on lead guitar and vocals, the Jason King Band is a focused, power-packed blues quartet determined to make you move. Comprised of members that were born for this genre, the Jason King Band make what they do look easy. But, what sets the Jason King Band apart from other blues bands is the amount of heart in their songs. Their lyrics help set the mood while their instruments tell the story.

Jasonís Stratocaster cries and wails out, luring listeners deep into his musicís seductive, captivating grooves. With the chords his uncle taught him when he was just a little boy dimpled into his fretboards, his familyís musical history is scratched up and down the necks of his guitars.

Jasonís guitar is an extension of his soul. He only approaches song writing with his six-string partner strapped over his shoulder. He crafts his melodic songs from his extensive musical past. Jasonís influences, ranging from the Allman Brothers to Zeppelin, provide the color in all of the bandís memorable songs. Jasonís talent and musical range can be heard on his first full-length album, Blue Skies and Black Shoes.
Rene Best
NameRene Best
LocationReno, Nevada

WebsiteRene Best
Randy Osgood
NameRandy Osgood
LocationSparks, Nevada

Stage Rig'79 Fender Strat/'98 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp, Digitech GSP1101 (for chorus/flange/delay effects), Majestic Overdrive.
Quote"...The Majestic OD is the embodiment of my 30+ years of playing everything from hard rock in the '70's to hair bands in the '80's and finally Grunge in the 90's. I put your sound and tone in there too--you just have to find it!"
Upcoming GigsLiving Stones Church
Sundays at 9:00AM 11:00AM 5:00PM 7:00PM
WebsiteYou're on it!

Randy developed the Sonicpedal Majestic Overdrive and uses it in his band John424.

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