Sonicpedal in 3D
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So who are these Sonicpedal guys anyway...?

We're a group of engineers that sit around and think of stuff to build and sell.


Sure, it's the greatest job in the world (we don't know what we'd do if we had to get real jobs), plus it provides plenty of time for the finer things in life, like busting out the beer and the gear and cranking it to eleven.

Anyway, Sonicpedal was born when several of us were sitting around jamming and decided that it would be a good idea to join the boutique guitar pedal arena. Hell, there are only what... about three hundred bazillion manufacturers already in the market so why not make it three hundred bazillion and one? OK, so we're gluttons for punishment, but we're serious about making quality gear. Our strategy with Sonicpedal was to take ancient circuits (some going back to the early 20th century) and update them with modern components and design techniques. Our freshman result is the Destroyer line of overdrive and distortion pedals (gotta start with that!).

We have a lot more ideas on how guitar effects pedals should sound and operate. Stay tuned as we churn new stuff out of our workshop here in Reno...

--Randy Osgood 6/09

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